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23 February 2012

Stone Clarity & Goals

Okay, here we go again. I think I have found my way back to bloggity-blog-blog-blogging. 

The months have flown by and Winter here is coming to an end, despite the snow headed for us this weekend. The garden plot is curing and getting ready to be tilled under, seeds are beginning to open in little pots, and my dear friend has just brought me some 100 + little trees to plant. There are red cedar, ash, balsam & fraser fir, and flowering dogwood. *Sigh* 

Couldn't Spring come just a bit sooner?

I've just come home from an extended weekend holiday with unquestionably trusted friends - - - the kind of holiday that provided space for us to engage in our energy work together, and for me, a space to grow.  The five books I picked up along the way are suddenly staring back at me, their titles stark against the covers and the content tugging at my senses. The stone given to me by a friend is making its way to my hand with a mind of its own, and I'm more clearly able to see the outline of my goals for the immediate future.

My personal calendar has to be worked on this year. There are a number of things that have disappeared from it over the most recent decennial period. Time that was once scheduled for physical fitness has evaporated and it shows. That is something I'm going to address this year. It's been too long since I dedicated time to my own responsibilities. It's coming up on tax time, and I have those to do as well. 

[...] As you fill with wisdom,
and your heart with love,
there's no more thirst.

There's only unselfed patience
waiting on the doorsill, a silence
which doesn't listen to advice
from people passing in the street.
as translated by Coleman Barks

09 February 2011

Treasured Solitude

As a Priestess of the Earth, the rise and fall of my inner self syncs with Nature's course. Late Autumn to the end of Winter is the perfect seasonal time for me to become introverted and withdrawn. Though many years ago I spent my withdrawn moments in painful depression,  I have developed a long-standing practice of welcoming my own need to withdraw. When I sense myself beginning the patterned withdrawal, my focus shifts to things that are immediately present; my family, home, land, sea and sky. Little else penetrates as I zero-in to this realm. Winter remains in the frosty morning ground and the bits of ice that form on my windshield. I'm so grateful for it and not ready for the end of this calm and peaceful dormancy, though I have already started preparing for the inevitable return of the Spring. I have little Paw Paw trees starting in pots, and the Elders that Damon planted last year have beautiful little buds on them in defiance of the chilled temperatures. More herbs will soon be starting and bulbs are in the ground. 

There is a solitude of space,
 A solitude of sea,
 A solitude of death, but these
 Society shall be,
 Compared with that profounder site,
 That polar privacy,
 A Soul admitted to Itself;
 Finite Infinity.
~Emily Dickinson~

13 September 2010

Collecting the Right Ingedients

My Saturday morning habit has been so easy to slip back into. Up with the Sun, coffee brewing, Damon giving me my morning kisses as I slip into my warm and cozies (slippers and fuzzy pants) and grab the paper before heading out to the car and driving to the reserve, picking up the litter that tourists have left during the week, making small chat with the fishermen standing on the flood gates catching bass, putting down the deserted, gravel road, and taking in whatever happens to be there in the moment. 

I spent time with a buck, his doe and a fawn; I watched a heron catch a fish and fly off; more deer; a rabbit and a few rodents; a hawk that took me half the length of distance that day ~ staying with me and flying ahead only to wait patiently on a fencepost for me to catch up and take another shot or two.

I see that the delicate Summer flowers are welcoming the morning dew and are strong, hearty, whispering to Fall that the carpets are laid and the final touches are being put on Her in anticipation of His arrival.

I head back home, fully awakened to the beauty that is Life, and I found myself ready to put the proper ingredients into the family's Winter preparations ~ the harvest is here and being processed. I put up peaches, salsa, mixed vegetables, peppers, jam, venison and stew. I made two pies, several meals over the weekend, fresh and grainy breads, cookie bars and collected more blackberries for putting up. Squash is here and this year, there will be lots to can. 

28 January 2010

More to "Green" Clean With

A Kitchen Witch's Dirty Throne

I'll scrub it 'til it shines like new.
Wipe off the ick,
Scrape off the goo,
And when I'm done
I'll flush away
The evidence -
and then I'll say --


But, we DON'T want to flush away anything that will present a damage to our environment! So, try one of these easy recipes for household cleaning that will smell good, clean away the germs and defunk the place, but leave the nastiness out of the equation!

1/2 c lemon juice
10 drops sage oil
10 drops lemongrass oil
1 tsp of liquid soap

Pour it all into your 1 qt. spray bottle and add water to fill. When I have a really nasty or greasy job, I sprinkle baking soda on it and add 1/2 c of white vinegar to my potion bottle and spray away where the baking soda was sprinkled.

Wash your mirrors and glass with equal parts of (a) club soda, rubbing alcohol & water; (b) vinegar and water, or (c) a table spoon of ammonia plus a tablespoon vinegar in your spray bottle, then fill it up the rest of the way with water.

Clean your woodwork with 2 parts olive oil and 1 part lemon juice. (refrigerate this or use lemon oil instead).  Try mixing equal parts white vinegar with vegetable or olive oil as a polish for your wood floors (and don't forget the elbow grease when buffing).

Freshen your carpets by mixing a cup of baking soda with a few tablespoons of corn starch, a few drops of your favorite essential oils, and whip it with your mixer or a wire whisk to remove the lumps. Try throwing in coffee grounds, (SEA SALT TO RID YOURSELF OF PESTS IN THE CARPET AND THEIR EGGS) cinnamon, allspice, cloves, nutmeg, thyme or rosemary.

Okay, enough of me posting about work...

Did you know that The Red Planet is visible right now? Watch it oppose Venus (and Earth) while the Sun opposes the Full Leo Moon, if you have your telescope handy!

01 October 2009

Beautiful, Broken Hearts

Broken hearts are beautiful. Like solar radiation, rogue waves, tornadoes and volcanic eruptions, every single one of them is a masterpiece. Looking into my own, I see so many, many wonderful sights.

I've learned to cry recently; I find it is something completely foreign to me, and I am working on perfecting it. What a wonderful, amazing thing to do. There are so many different ways in which I cry. Everything from just the smallest tears that I have to swipe at my eyes to get them out, to the racked sob. I have found that when I feel the deepest cry coming on, I go stand in the trees and release.....and I have found I like the sound.  It's a music I've never quite heard before, and it is just beautiful.

Why is it that I've never done this before? Wish I could ask Mom sometimes. She was good at crying, and I especially remember the quiver in her lip and her eyes welling over with brackish rain when she even thought I was hurting. The best tears aren't always the quiet ones.

Sometimes, they are the ones that echo back a really peaceful, beautiful harmony that keeps rhythm with your soul.  And I continue to heal....